Web Designer’s Eye for the Sales Guy

Clever domain name? Check.
Web Site Strategy? Check.
Web Site? Check.
Web Page Title? Check. And then check it again to make sure you don’t make the biggest and most common sales website mistake…

… stupid title tags! [*]
Your web page’s title is your greeting to your prospect. You wouldn’t insult your prospective audience with the first sentence out of your mouth, would you?
If your title begins “Welcome to YourCompany”, “Welcome To YourCompany.com”, or, worst of all, “Welcome To The YourCompany Website”, you are insulting them. You’re telling your prospective audience that you think they aren’t smart enough to figure out that your site is a web site about you while they’re looking at it.
In my experience as a web designer, I always recommend client looking for me to “tune up” their existing sites to get rid of the “Welcome to…” part altogether. Not only is it condescending, but it wastes space, and makes any browser that bookmarks your site alphabetize under “W”.
Instead, try making your web page title, the name of your company, followed by a powerful value phrase that describes your business. Let THAT be your welcome.
[*]A title tag is HTML that creates the words that appear in the top bar of your Web browserl like so:
The HTML code for a title tag like in the example would look like this:
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