The Magical Graphic Design Button Does Not Exist

With the advancement of the internet and acceptance of technology came a myth of what I like to call the Magical Graphic Design Button. The Magical Graphic Design Button myth is the explanation behind the assumption graphic design clients make when they feel that designing graphics on a computer is a piece of cake. It’s as though graphic design clients feel graphic designers simply hear the requirements of a graphic design project, input the information into the computer, press the Magical Graphic Design Button, and Presto! – A design is born.

The myth of the Magical Graphic Design Button was probably brought about with the easy “computer use myth” influenced by pop-culture references of the past (the Jetsons, Back to the Future, Star Trek, etc.). For some reason people felt that working with computers would be easy in the future, but even that’s a myth. The easy graphic design myth was driven further with all the Photoshop tutorial and manipulation sites on the internet. Regardless of how the myth of the Magical Graphic Design Button got started; it’s completely false.

Contrary to popular belief, it takes a long time for an artist to develop their skills as a graphic designer – and it isn’t easy. An aspiring artist will have to dedicate themselves to hours upon hours of training just to learn the basics of design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, artists will have to have a great eye for art and creativity, and will more than likely have some sort of degree or training in design.
Once a graphic designer feels comfortable enough to spread their wings in the design industry, they’ll be faced with another not so easy task – dealing with clients. Clients are hard to obtain, hard to keep, and hard to impress. Gathering the details, ideas, stock images, and inspiration to complete a graphic is no easy task – and there is no Magical Graphic Design Button to help the designer with this task.

As soon as the artist gets the right recipe from the client, they’ll have to whip out the Magical Graphic Design Buttonand the graphic is done – sike. The artist will have to plan their approach, come up with the proper images, and find the proper motivation – and that’s just the easy part. They’ll have to put in hard work and hours of sketching, drafting, and refining the design to get the graphic just right for the client.
I actually wish that there were some magical and easy to use graphic design button, but it’s just a myth. There’s only great work done by graphic artists that do such a great job that it seems like magical.

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