How to Design a Functional and Fashionable Wardrobe on a Budget

Whether you are dressing for business or casual, there are certain articles of clothing that really make a wardrobe complete. Whether you already have an overflowing wardrobe or stare into an empty one while wishing you knew what to fill it with, these tips will guide you to choose the perfect centerpieces of any wardrobe. Rather than having a lot of specialty pieces, every practical woman should have a wardrobe for every occasion.

If we start at the bottom, choosing pants that fit well and go with everything is a real asset. Everyone should have two pairs of dress pants, or slacks in their wardrobe. Choose slimming colors, like black, navy blue, or dark grey. A nice pair of pants that have a slimming style will go a long way in your wardrobe. They can be worn for work and for casual outings while paired with a fitted t-shirt or sweater. They can look just as nice with pumps as with sleek, white tennis shoes. Choosing a light wool blend or cotton will make these slacks light and ready for daytime or nighttime fashions. Having one pair of fuller cut pants in black or pinstripes will make dressing up for the evening a snap. Fabric that drapes well, a heavier wool or jersey mix, will give a luxurious touch to your fancier, evening shirts.
Having a couple of pairs of jeans on hand is all that is really necessary. One pair can be hemmed to the length appropriate to wear with heels and one for wearing with flats or sneakers. If you like to wear jeans a lot, choose a couple pairs of different shades to spice up your casual attire.

The magic number for skirts is three. That is all you will need in your wardrobe to tie all of your items together. Its like learning piano online. A pencil skirt looks great in the office or out to dinner. An A-line skirt can be perfect for dress-up or for fun, paired with a t-shirt or sweater, and looks perfect on all body types. Finally, a neutral colored skirt in a neutral fabric will complete your wardrobe by matching up with tweeds and wools.

When preparing the upper portion of your wardrobe, think simple. A white, button-up shirt will go a long way when paired with your other wardrobe pieces. A few fitted t-shirts in several colors will be a quick fix for almost anything when combined with a sweater or jacket.
Having some sweaters in your closet will complete just about any outfit. A lightweight black sweater will be fitting with your black slacks. This will work for you in the office and as a light cover-up on a cool evening out. Another sweater in white or beige will go with your tweeds and tans. Finally, one more sweater to pair with jeans or shorts will complete your sweater section.

For extra layers, having a couple of jackets to dress up you outfits is always nice. A tailored wool jacket and a slim leather one should meet most of your needs as far as jackets are concerned.

For outerwear, three coats will be perfect. A raincoat with a zip-in liner will be great for all seasons. A knee-length coat made from a rayon blend is nice with all types of outfits. Finally, a warm winter coat made from wool or cashmere can finish off any outfit on a crisp, winter morning.

The finishing touches to all wardrobes should include the following: The classic little black dress, a cute evening bag, a casual tote bag, and an everyday purse.

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