Give Your Landscape Design Career a Boost: Landscape Design Certificate

If you have a green thumb and you want to make a living out doing landscaping work, why not obtain a landscape design certificate? While there are no requirement to obtain a landscape design certificate to do landscape work, you can make yourself more marketable if aiming to be self-employed. Added education and a landscape design certificate are both marketable items that could be used in company advertisements and give you an added credibility that the competition does not have.

Holding a landscape design certificate shows potential customers that you have been academically trained in the field of landscape design. Through the process of obtaining a landscape design certificate you will likely learn the basics of horticultural science, construction techniques, landscaping design principles, and model making. In addition, many of the courses you will take to achieve a landscape design certificate will delve into ecological, social and economic principals of landscape design as well.

The program you will follow to get the landscape design certificate will cover the latest trends in horticulture and landscaping, as well as regulatory information. You will gain a firm platform to expand the necessary skills you will need to be a creative and informed landscape designer.
A landscape design certificate is typically suited for landscapers who want to brush up on their skills or those just striving to join the ranks of a professional landscape designer.

Through the program to obtain a landscape design certificate, you will receive a basic course in both nursery planting and horticulture science, as well as how to creatively design landscape. You will also gain a thorough understanding of how to grow, nurture and maintain flowers, shrubs and trees, preparing you for full-time work as a landscaper.

Landscape design certificates can be obtained through a variety of schools and institutions. Typically, to enroll in the program you will be required to take some pre-requisite courses and to already hold an undergraduate degree. Once you meet these criteria, you can expect to receive your landscape design certificate in one to three years, depending on the course load you take.

Essentially, if you are already working in landscaping or you are interested in landscaping, the landscape design certificate could be the right choice for you. With career choices for landscape designers growing faster than ever, you will need something to set you apart from the rest when trying to market yourself. A landscape design certificate can do just that. You will gain the essential skills and knowledge you need to become a first-rate landscape design professional.

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